Post Graduate Certificate in Education(iQualify UK)

  • Awarded by

    Learning Resource Network (LRN)

  • Delivered by

    iQualify UK

  • Study mode

    Online – Distance Learning

  • Duration

    6 months

  • Assessment Method

    All assignments

  • Language


Course Overview

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) will be a source of continuing professional development for early career academic and professional staff at Higher Education Institution or: experienced members of staff who wish to update their practice and align with current thinking in academia.

The course will also provide a route for candidates who practice in either higher or professional education environments and who wish to gain a valid and recognised qualification in higher and professional education practices.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be operating within a suitable teaching setting. Whilst LRN will be open to the type of educational institution in which candidates operate, it will be mindful of scope of teaching role, access to teaching/learning opportunities and ability to meet the cognitive demand of learning outcomes and assessment criteria (stated below).

Candidates must be qualified to graduate level, ideally education related discipline, although LRN will consider education experience in place of an education related graduate qualification.

Assessment Methods

The assessment for this qualification consists of

1) Externally set and externally marked
assignments, which are set and marked by LRN,

2) Externally set portfolio

The assessment for this qualification consists of on which requirements are set by LRN, reviewed by centre staff, and which is externally moderated by LRN. LRN will provide advice and guidance as to how centres may wish to approach the internal review process.