One of the key secrets to success in business or in any area of life is being a voracious reader. There are many entrepreneurs, investors and bloggers who dish out business advice and news on a daily basis.

Whether you’re starting a company, already run your own business or just want to know the latest in business trends then reading the below business blogs would certainly help. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite sources of business and tech news that are specific to Hong Kong.

1. Fintech Hong Kong

Fintech News provides deep insights and the latest local news about all things Digital Finance. Launched in September 2015, the team delivers FinTech-centric content covering events, analysis, breaking news and market alerts. Obviously, everything is related to Financial Technology. They do a great job of categorising the content with popular subject areas neatly displayed in the menu bar at the top.

Frequency: 4-6 posts per week.

2. ComputerWorld Hong Kong

If you are an IT professional or are interested in IT then this hive of activity is for you. ComputerWorld HK is one of Asia’s largest IT hubs delivering the latest technology news and trends through print and online channels. Being Hong Kong’s main source of IT insight, ComputerWorld HK provides IT management strategy, business software management and the latest IT news.

Frequency: 6-8 posts per week

3. Jumpstart Magazine

Launched in 2014, Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first print publication dedicated to startups, small business and budding entrepreneurs. With rapid growth both locally and internationally, Jumpstart has become a well-known brand in Asia’s startup community covering topics like AI, manufacturing, robotics, design, lifestyle and much more. With publications in print and online, each issue is themed offering ideas, best practices, event information and interviews.

Frequency: 4-6 posts per week

4. EntrepreneurHK

Working with industry leaders and the HK government, EntrepreneurHK is a private non-profit organisation that strives to build and improve Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. Founded in 2012, EntrepreneurHK has expanded to become Hong Kong’s leading startup news plaform providing reports, trends, interviews and investment deal flows that impact the local startup ecosystem. Partnerships with Time and Fortune cement EHK as a major player in local startup news.

Frequency: 1-4 posts per week

5. WHub

WHub is a startup and talent platform to help startups attract the resources they need such as talent, investors and collaboration. With a mission to unleash startups full potential, they also provide blog articles, job postings and event information.

Frequency: 2-4 posts per week

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